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New Online Booking System

Cargo Link goes online with a new centralized Booking system,   where customer service representatives, comercial excecutives as well as authorized customers will have the posibility of booking an air waybill, creating an allotment for a flight or a series of flights from anywhere in the word. What they need is just an internet conection and a device with a thin client (Internet Explorer or any other) with capability of working with .NET framework.

Cargolink is a full-featured Integrated cargo system. The system is a complete solution for the operations of cargo within the airline industry. Cargo Link has been developed from the ground up using the proven state-of-the-art technologies from Microsoft. Its designers and creators are software engineers, logistic specislist, accountants, and aviation personnel with extensive experience in their trade.

Cargo Link is a consistent, user-friendly front-end design, which insures ease of use and smooth task flow through the data entry process. The system gives complete control of the merchandise; from the receiving into the warehouse all the way through to the merchandise being shipped and received at its destination.

Cargo Link is fully integrated and can be used in a stand-alone mode on a single computer or in a multi-user environment with unlimited number of users. The system is inherently multi-user in design. Interaction with other programs is available through OLE and DDE including faxing and email servers. The software can be used 'as is' or it can be customized to conform to your company's unique requirements.

The business solutions offered are one of the most comprehensive and have the best price performance value on the market today. No other product can compete on these factors.

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